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Our Greendale Training complex is very impressive and comprises a 5-acre property situated 3 kilometers from the town centre of Mornington and 700 metres from Mornington Racecourse. Facilities are equal to the very best available in Victoria and include the following:

. Individual day yards.. Access to the beach.. Walker.Pool

. TOP VETERINARY & HEALTH SERVICES.. Stable boxes.. Wash bays

Mornington Training Facility

With our tracks only 300M away from the stables, our horses will do the majority of their work here. The tracks available to us are of the best available to any trainer within the state. Five million dollars has recently been spent on the development of a new synthetic and grass track, all keeping the important gradient which makes Mornington unique in its ability to offer “uphill” work which certainly helps improve fitness and reduces the likelihood of injury.

. 3 inside training tracks.. Inside grass & grass gallops . Weekly trials. Pool.

. Treadmill.. Water walker.. Beach Training